I’m JP Toto, a software developer, sometimes speaker, and lover of cured meats. I used to work in enterprise consulting but have recently found wonderful home at a software company called eMoney Advisor. I help automate our infrastructure and spread the gospel of devops.

Working at eMoney keeps me pretty busy and has given me the opportunity to explore a lot of modern API implementations and infrastructure automation. APIs are one of my keenest interests right now and I try to read up on and follow as many API resources as possible.

I’m a fan of open source and try to contribute to projects as much as possible – which is never often enough. There are some projects I work on from time to time which you can read more about here.

Lately I’ve also been interested in big data. Storing all those emails and messages on Postmark is a tough challenge. Ultimately we decided to use Elasticsearch for most of our storage and index/search needs. Consequently I’ve developed some expertise which I’m hoping to pass on to others by way of this blog and several courses I authored at at Pluralsight.

If you’d like, you can connect with me on Linked In, Twitter, Google+, Github, Stack Overflow Careers, or Instagram. You can also email me directly:  jp at jptoto.jp.

– JP