Pluralsight Courses

I created a few courses on Pluralsight, the online learning network, about getting started with and administering Elasticsearch. They assume no previous knowledge of Elasticsearch or NoSQL and gradually introduces the concepts to the reader. I also recently created a courses about getting started with Ansible using Windows and setting up your own Elastic Stack logging system.

Centralized Logging with the Elastic Stack introduces the viewer to the full Elastic Stack, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and the Beats utilities. The course shows the user how to setup a centralized logging, monitoring, and alerting system from scratch using the free and open source Elastic Stack components.

Getting Started with Elasticsearch for .NET Developers
If you’re new to Elasticsearch and you want to learn how it works, how to take advantage of fast indexing, search, and aggregations, this is the course for you.

Administering an Elasticsearch Cluster
This course takes the user through planning and building out a functional Elasticsearch cluster. I cover everything from hardware choice, to configuration, to maintenance and upgrades.

Getting Started with Ansible on Windows
This course does a quick introduction to Ansible concepts and then gets right into deploying configuration and roles to Windows-based servers. It’s great for getting up and running in an enterprise environment.